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If you are thinking of taking your first steps into Supermoto then there is plenty of help we can provide.    From trackdays, through to your first race meeting our aim is to hold your hand and guide you through the essential elements.

Remember one thing though……….supermoto is one of the most friendliest paddocks in motorsport and you are never a stranger, there is always someone on hand to help.  a Unique form of Motorcycle Sport that you will soon be hooked on.!


Let’s start with the basics, by this we mean what equipment will you need and any modifications to your bike.

Rider Equipment:

Both for trackdays and race meetings you will require;

Gold Star approved helmet (full face or mx style)

CE approved goggles (if mx style helmet)

Leather gloves

Full or two-piece leather suit. (two pieces must fully zip together)

Race boots, of MX style boots

Note: all rider equipment must be in good condition...!


Bike Essentials:

Your Supermoto motorcycle must be mechanically sound and no evidence of any type of fluid leaking.  The chain and ancillaries such as brakes must be in good condition and the overall the motorcycle should be well maintained.


  • Handguards – wrap round

  • Peg sliders

  • Axle bobbins

  • Catch tank

  • Lockwire to sump plugs


These are designed and run in collaboration with circuit owners.  Supermoto UK completes all the promotion, however the event itself is insured by and facilitated through the day by the particular circuit.

Our main partners in this type of event are Three Sister Race Circuit who are highly supportive of the sport.

You must have: (one of the following):

  • Full motorcycle licence

  • ACU race, Supermoto or relevant discipline licence

  • A letter from a race or club secretary to give evidence of competence.


Trackdays are NOT race days so we expect ALL participants to ride within their abilities and not that of others..!!  Please see our trackday link for latest events.

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