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The 701 – 690 Cup is designed for road derived models

The intention of the race series is to allow those with both models of motorcycles to participate in a low-cost entry into Supermoto.  The races will be on tarmac and take place on the UK’s premier Supermoto circuits.

Running within the NoraSport British Supermoto Championship the proposed four round series will consist of the following circuits:

Warm Up Event – to see levels of interest a trial will be held on March 14th at Three Sisters Race Circuit, Wigan.

Round One                             Three Sisters Race Circuit, Wigan – 11th April

Round Two                             Rowrah, Cumbria – 30th May

Round Three                           Three Sister Race Circuit, Wigan – 18th July

Round Four                             Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire – 31st October

Engine Capacity:

Must not exceed 690cc and no modifications shall be permitted to the engine capacity bore or stroke.


After market exhausts maybe fitted which comply with noise regulations at each corresponding circuit.

Wheels & Tyres:

  • Standard fitment 17×3.50 Front / 17×4.25 Rear (no 16.5’’ or 16’’ front wheels will be permitted)

  • Standard road tyres to be used

  • Tyre warmers are permitted

If the race director declares a ‘Wet Race’ riders will have the option to use a wet treaded tyre, a specific list of acceptable tyres will be published within the championship conditions. If in doubt, please ask.

Safety Features: (motorcycle)

All motorcycles must be fitted with:

  • Axle sliders

  • Foot peg sliders

  • Full wrap round handguards

  • Lock wire to sump plug

  • Overflow or catch tank for fluids

  • Headlights covered with tape and similar with indicators (or removal)

  • Removal of mirrors

  • Side stands must be secured to avoid any chances of lowering during race conditions.

Safety Features: (Rider)

  • ACU Gold star approved helmet

  • CE approved goggles or CE approved visor

  • Full or two-part leathers (two part must fully zip together)

  • Leather boots (race or mx style)

  • Leather gloves (no mx gloves)


Entry forms must be completed as per standard NoraSport criteria

Either an annual or one event Nora Sport Licence is mandatory and will form part of the signing on administration.

£90 per round 

£15 day licence = transponder hire

Sporting Code:

All participants must adhere to the 2020 NoraSport Sporting Code.


1 x 7-minute warm up session

1x 10 – 12-minute qualifying session

3 x 12 – 15-minute races

Note: Subject to entry numbers classes may be combined

How to Enter:

The following link will take you through to all the necessary entry forms.

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